• Bronze horse fighting with two feet in the air for public lawn ornaments
  • Black metal art statues of horse with two legs up designs for backyard lawn decor
  • Black metal walking horse open mouth statues outdoor
  • Bronze arabian horse statues garden size for sale
  • Large antique bronze casting standing horse sculptures with mouth open sale
  • Life size bronze steeplechase equestrian horse sculpture for sale

Large Bronze Tang Horse Statue Garden Decor for Sale BOKK-233

Bronze Tang Horse Statue Detail: We could clearly see that the style of this bronze Tang horse statue is very different. Its legs are very short but very sleek. What’s more interesting is that the head of the bronze horse is also very small and exquisite. Its mouth opens as if howling. Coupled with its chubby body, it looks even more mysterious and ...

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Life-Size Garden Bronze Mare and Filly Statue for Sale BOKK-867

Bronze Mare and Filly Statue Details: You could clearly experience the scene of two horses playing happily. This bronze mare and filly statue is deeply loved by our customers. Especially our New Zealand client bought two sets of bronze horse sculptures for his estate. This bronze horse sculpture is muscular and has flamboyant hair, showing signs of going ...

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Life-Size Bronze Horse Statue for Sale BOKK-76

Bronze Horse Statue Detail: The bronze horse statue is well muscled and has strong limbs. Impressively, its hooves are golden. The statue gives people a noble image. Since ancient times, the horse is a symbol of the brave spirit of the warrior. Those who know horses, as long as they look at this bronze horse, can know that it’s high quality. When a horse ...

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