Life Size Bronze Brown Grazing Horse Statue for Farm Decor

Life Size Bronze Brown Grazing Horse Statue for Farm Decor

Experience the timeless beauty of our life-size bronze brown horse statue, featuring two majestic horses in a grazing pose, with muscular bodies and erect ears.
Type: Grazing horse statue
Size: 2m or bespoke
Color: Bronze(other available color)
Techniques: lost-wax process&patina&hand made
Finished Time: 45 days
Usage: For Art/Collection/Garden/Plaza
Packaging: Standard Export Package
Payment: 30% deposit,70%balance offer finished

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Brown Horse Statue Description:

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our bronze brown horse statue captures the essence of equine grace and strength. The lifelike portrayal of two horses, with heads bowed in a grazing stance, showcases their powerful muscles, erect ears, and flowing tails, creating a captivating atmosphere for any space.

Life Size Bronze Brown Grazing Horse Statue for Farm Decor

Offer Free Clay Models:

We have a lot of ready-made clay models of bronze horse sculptures, lifelike and different styles, which can meet your diversified needs, save your costs, and shorten your waiting time. Generally, the casting of clay models takes about 25 days.

Various Bronze Horse Clay Models

More Bronze Horse Sculpture Styles:

Explore our extensive collection for a variety of bronze horse sculpture styles, ranging from dynamic galloping pose horse statues to serene standing horse statues. Each sculpture is meticulously cast by skilled artists, offering a diverse selection to suit your different tastes and preferences.

life size bronze grazing horse statues designslife size bronze grazing horse statues designs

Contact us today to acquire your own bronze brown horse statue or customize your bronze brown horse statue and bring the beauty of equestrian art into your home or outdoor space.




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